Tremendous Hasya kavi Sammelan even with small team.

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Yes, even in a small team, a best Hasya kavi Sammelan can be organized.
One such hasya kavi Sammelan was held under the aegis of Bongaigaon Guwahati NTPC, in which the famous hasya and Satirical kavi Shambhu Shikhar, the young poet of the hasya and satire Chetan Chitra, poetess Divya Neha from Raipur and poet Kamlesh Basant from Alwar Rajasthan present there ..

According to tradition, Hasya kavi Sammelan started with the worship of Maa Veenapani ( Maa Saraswati ), in the melodious voice of poetess Divya Neha and the applause of the hundreds of listeners, followed by the poet Kamlesh Basant, who was conducting the stage, invited Hasya kavi Chetan Charchit .In his unique style Chetan Chharchit, the young poet of hasya satire, tickled the audience.

After that, when poetess Divya Neha started her muktak, ghazals and songs in her melodious voice, the audience’s clapping started and they sing with along with her .

Then came the explosive and all-rounder kavi shree Shambhu Shikhar on the Mike .. The smile on the face of the audience turned into laughter and laughter .. One comment and one journey of fun and joy at a freak for one and a half hours .It continued till in the end . Kamlesh Basant, who came to recite poetry, had already captivated the minds of the audience with his better conduct, but when he came in his color, the audience also took the color of patriotism.

Kavi Sammelan was spectacular , after all the audience stood up to greet the poets and concluded with selfies.