All of us know this very famous saying, “Laughter is the best therapy”. Hasya Kavi Sammelans act to be a dispensary with hasya kavi performing as the doctors providing hasya therapy. The jocular theme of such hasya kavi sammelans compell the audience to laugh more and more. We have the best hasya kavi(s) of our country to make you laugh like anything. Haysa Kavi Sunil Jogi is one of the very prominent name among the most popular hasya kavi of India. Poetry lovers are fond of the hasya kavita of hasya kavi Sunil Jogi.

Hasya Kavi Sunil Jogi has an amazing and incredible sense of humor that has been appreciated all over the stages of kavi sammelans. Hasya Kavi Sunil Jogi has defined hasya in a unique manner for that he has been honoured with the most prestigious award for civilians in India, Padmshree. Apart from participating in hasya kavi sammelans, hasya kavi Sunil Jogi has penned more than 50 books. He has a pretty long experience of reciting hasya kavita on the stages of kavi sammelan.

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