A poetess that stands before us with a perfect image of our culture, Padmini Sharma is truly a thoughtful one. Her poetry directly steps into our hearts. She is a clear-headed and dignified poetess being very much popular for her geet ‘Saans Aati Rahi’. Her soften and sobered manner of recitation makes everyone her appraiser. Kavyitri Padmini Sharma has reached a broader audience through her poetry full of emotions and feelings. Kavyitri Padmini Sharma is very much sincere and passionate about her poetry. Kavyitri Padmini Sharma is considered to be highly expressive poetess in terms of meaningful and significant poetry.

Kavyitri Padmini Sharma is a true inspiration for the new generation. The artistic and descriptive style of Kavyitri Padmini Sharma makes her the most famous poetess over the stages of Kavi Sammelan. Kavyitri Padmini Sharma is keen and conveying a specified idea regarding romantic poetry. She is blessed with an extraordinary vision for Romanticism. Kavyitri Padmini Sharma is imaginative as well as suggestive few a times for a passionate love. Kavyitri Padmini Sharma is not only the most famous poetess of our country rather she’s being invited from the foreign countries too. While reciting during Kavi Sammelan at Dubai, Kavyitri Padmini Sharma made the Indian culture feel proud.

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