Organize Kavi Sammelan with Top Poets and Poetess

Today we are with you to utter a new report of an awesome Hasya Kavi Sammelan held before somedays. This ‘Hasya kavi sammelan‘ was organised by the respected officers of district Etah (U.P.) in a renown old fair.This hasya kavi sammelan was funded by UP government but local people and citizen were also taking part in organasing this program of ‘Hasya kavi sammelan’. First the respected officers asked us to organise this Hasya kavi sammelan.We gave a comfirmation and decided to make a strong entertaining team of comic poets. We put all twinkling gems of comic poetry named Tv star Shambhu shikhar, unique poet Dr. Anil chaubey Dinesh bawra, Vikas baukhal, Balbir singh khichdi and Shareef bharti.We know you guys are tracking smiles on the name of poets. KAVI SURENDRA SHARMA

But these are their signatures of laughter.Now the stories begun of that Hasy kavi sammelan. The anchor of this Hasya kavi sammelan was Dinesh bawra from mumbai. He started with the Saraswati vandna.Dr. anil chuabey did the Saraswati vandna. After that Dinesh bawra came to mice and started their jokes and punches to launch the first poet of the night Balbir singh khichdi. Balbir khichdi made audience to react on his poetry. He made a good score as an opener. After this Bawra called Vineet pandey. Vineet receited his content of laughter and audience was enjoying him too. It was almost impossible to decide who was Kohli and who was Dhoni between first two. After vineet Shareef bharti went to perform .Shareef bharti made audience laugh like crazy. Everyone was catching his punches. Now turn was for Vikas baukhal, audience started laughing while dinesh bawara announced the name of Vikas baukhal. Baukhal is a very talented comic poet. He prooved that with responsibility. Vikas baukhal took the Hasy kavi sammelan on the high pitch of success. Now audience demanded to famous tv star and a viral poet Shambhu shikhar but dinesh bawra called Dr. Anil chaubey from Varanasi.Dr. anil chaubey hit a six on first ball with his famous Chhand

“Badha blood pressure to gujar gaye babu ji.” Now the auditorium was waiting curiously to hear the comic,unique poetry of Shambhu shikhar. Audience and officers both were making noise ‘Shambhu, Shambhu’ before dinesh bawra came to mice for calling Shambhu shikhar. Shambhu shikhar got famous through his Tv shows(lapete me neta ji,kavi yuddh etc.) He started his inning and audience was reacting loudly and clapping continuesly. Shambhu shikhar made this night entertaining. When Shambhu was in full on mode by speeding up punches of comedy everyone was out of the world. Etah gave standing ovation to him and the program was over. Conclusion of the night was Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.