Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem is a remarkable poetess over the stages of Kavi Sammelan these days. She recites geet, ghazals and nazms from the mic that spreads an immense energy in the audience which is reverted back in the form of loud claps and appraisals. Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem is a prominent poetess of Kavi Sammelan. She is outstanding and easy to our ears and mind while reciting poetry. Every Kavi Sammelan creates a moment in the journey of Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem. She has recited her poetry over more than one thousand Kavi Sammelans and Mushairas. This ongoing journey of Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem is not just limited to the Kavi Sammelans in India. Rather, she is regularly being invited from Dubai, Qatar, Pakistan, Oman and other UAE countries to participate in Mushairas.

Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem is an exceptionally amazing voice while reciting her poetry. She has an incredible sense of creativity that can be seen and felt in her gazal and nazms. Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem decorates the words in a wonderful rhyming order. Poetry lovers frequently invite Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem in kavi sammelan across the country. People are preferring to organize kavi sammelan on marriage ceremonies and anniversaries. Also the prestigious Engineering, Medical and Management colleges as well, organise Kavi Sammelan on their annual functions and Fests. Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem is being readily booked/invited for such Kavi Sammelan. If you to want to book Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem, mail us on bookhasyakavi@gmail.com or buzz on +91-721-787-4767.