Kavi Sammelan and Hasya Kavi Sammelan are being organised on various occasions in every part of the country. Kavi Sammelan is the most in-demand event these days. The participating poets in the Kavi Sammelan present their kavitas one by one in front of a huge audience. Different genres are being recited over there viz. Veer Ras, Hasya Ras, Shringaar Ras, Vyangya (satire) etc. Eminent poets and poetesses of our country are being invited on a stage to showcase their art of decorating words to form poetry.

A very famous and leading poets of our country kavitri Suman Dubey is a poetess of pure Romanticism, having an experience of a very handsome number of stages. Kavyitri Suman Dubey has a melodious voice that touches the bottom of our hearts. The lyrical decoration of words are just wonderfully sung by Kavyitri Suman Dubey. The concordant way of reciting her poetry makes Kavyitri Suman Dubey the one of the most popular and promising poetess of the country.

Kavyitri Suman Dubey is so musical and pleasing that her every kavita feels to be sentimental and responsive. Her Kavita contains the tenderness and softness that touches the soul of the audience. Kavyitri Suman Dubey is really wonderful at depicting her emotions via poetry. If you are planning to organise a Kavi Sammelan and willing to invite Kavyitri Suman Dubey to your city, buzz on +91-721-787-4767 or send us an email containing your desired date of Kavi Sammelan on bookhasyakavi@gmail.com