Kavyitri Bhuwan Mohini

The poetess found to be more relatable and inspirational these days is none other than Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini. Being a poetess of Romanticism, kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini expresses her feelings so intensely and beautifully that the listeners indulge into it completely. She is so sweet and pleasant sounding that the audience consider her to be one of the most melodious poetess on the stages of Kavi Sammelan. Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini is so easy and tuneful on the ear that she is one of the most famous poets of Kavi sammelans throughout the country.

Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini has A remarkable manner of reciting her poetry. The phenomenal and mindblowing sense of humour of Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini makes the aura of Kavi sammelans more entertaining and joyful. Her witty nature of poetry is extraordinary, incredible and wonderful. The significant romantic poetry of Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini is worth appraising. She sounds delightful before the mic. Her brilliant and magical poetry takes her to the superlative degree of Kavi Sammelan. She has an ongoing journey in Kavi Sammelan with an experience of a beautiful and melodious one and half decade. Kavyitri Bhuwan Mohini captivates the audience with her charming and enrapturing poetry that makes the ambience of the Kavi Sammelan more impressive and impactful.

Poetry lovers invite Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini from all parts of the country. They prefer to organise Kavi Sammelan on marriage functions and anniversaries. Also the reputed medical and engineering colleges come forward to book Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini for Hasya Kavi Sammelan and Kavi Sammelan in colleges. Call us on 721-787-4767 to book Kavyitri Bhuvan Mohini for Kavi Sammelan. You can also reach her by dropping us an email on bookhasyakavi@gmail.com