Kavi Sammelan – New defination of entertainment

Nowadays Hindi kavi Sammelans are giving a new dimension or defination to the world of entertainment. Kavi Sammelans are just not the source of entertainment for the people, but it also gives a new aspect of thinking by which people make themselves aware about the current situations of the nation and out side the country. That’s why the increasing popularity of Kavi Sammelans in today’s era is not a miracle, it is the choice of today’s youth.
Kavi Sammelan is a beautiful example of conveying its message to every generation of the nation, so that men and women of all ages feel connected.

The pride of Bihar famous hasya Shambhu Shikhar, Padmashree Surendra Sharma, the pride of Haryana Arun Jaimini, Chetan Chachit, Padmini Sharma, Mumtaz Naseem, Anamika Jain Amber etc. Are one of those kavi’s whose poems make the youth laugh and inspire them to work for the nation.
If you also want to put a smile on your family and friends face, if you also wants to make your special day more memorable, if you also wants to convey the message of patriotism and spend moments of joy with them, then organize a great Hasya Kavi sammelan.