Kavi Sammelan is not just a source of entertainment

kavi sammelan organizers

The Kavi Sammelan has been in the world ever since humans started writing and developed his own art to write poetry unknowingly. Poetry is a beautiful medium of expression that not only entertains people but also gives a positive angle in society, sometimes it also creates awareness among people. That is why it is a common practice to have kavi Sammelan’s from Manglik, cultural events to political and corporate events. From banks to big media houses, even the government also organizes a variety of programs to enhance the art of writing at the national level. Red Fort Kavi Sammelan, Kavi Sammlans organized under Hunar Hatt’s are the best examples of it.

Today, there are many famous poets ( kavi ) and poetess ( kaviytri) all over the country who have brought the glory of the country and Hindi to the whole world like –

  • Hasya Kavi Shambhu Shikhar


Hasya kavi Shambhu Shikhar is a popular name in the world of kavi Sammelan he also known as the eveready energetic face of Kavi Sammelans. He is certainly the hypersensitive Hindi Kavi in India ready to deliver his poetry on each and every occurrence in our country and society.

  • Arun Gemini

Arun Gemini

 Hasya Kavi Arun Gemini is one of the most famous poets in India. His Haryanvi accent is enough to make the audience laughing out loud. His comic poems float beyond the boundaries. His one-liner and satire attack society. Arun Gemini is a hasya kavi who has a light-hearted and unpredictable joke and a balanced combination of comic poetry. This is a major reason for the comedian Arun Jaimini’s good number of fans and followers.

  • Padmini Sharma


Kavyitri Padmini Sharma has a remarkable manner of reciting her poetry. The phenomenal and mindblowing sense of humour of Kavyitri Padmini Sharma makes the aura of Kavi sammelans more entertaining and joyful. Her Hermiraculous nature of poetry is extraordinary, incredible and wonderful. The significant romantic poetry of Padmini Sharma is worth appraising. She sounds delightful before the mic. Her brilliant and magical poetry takes her to the superlative degree of Kavi Sammelan.

  • Mumtaz Naseem


Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem is an exceptionally amazing voice while reciting her poetry. She has an incredible sense of creativity that can be seen and felt in her gazal and nazms. Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem decorates the words in a wonderful rhyming order. Poetry lovers frequently invite Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem in kavi sammelan across the country.