Kaviyatri Sarita Sharma

Kavi Sammelans are creating a unique literary path for poetry lovers. They tend to encourage the participation of more and more audience in literature functions. All the eminent poets and poetesses play a vital role in empowerment of a language. Kavyitri Sarita Sharma is certainly doing the best contribution for the upliftment of Hindi language at her level.

Dr. Sarita Sharma is a very popular voice of Romanticism. Her geet and muktaks carry a very rich romance that will enlighten you with the cool light of love. Dr. Sarita Sharma herself carries a high potential in her voice. She picks the perfect and selective words to take the audience in the ocean of eternal love. Dr. Sarita Sharma is a quite mature voice of love and affection. She creates an incredible aura of romance throughout the kavi sammelan. She is certainly one of the most popular faces in poetry based TV programs too.

Dr. Sarita Sharma is highly efficient in projecting over the emotions that touch the audience to the bottom of their hearts. Dr. Sarita Sharma is one of the best poetess in this era. The way she depicts the feelings in her poetry is simply outstanding. Putting in the easy words, the poetry of Dr. Sarita Sharma sounds marvellous to the ears and the heart feels ease as well. People use to invite Dr. Sarita Sharma for Kavi Sammelans on various occasions and functions all across the world where there are Indians. If you too are planning to invite Dr. Sarita Sharma for Kavi sammelan, drop us an email with your date and venue on bookhasyakavi@gmail.com or call us on +91-721-787-4767 and let yourself taste the ripeness of Romanticism.