Kavi Shashikant yadav

Shashikant Yadav is a majestic Kavi of Veer-Ras. He is a very inspiring poet for the new generation. He strikes against the national issues alike terrorism through his poetry. Kavi Shashikant Yadav has a heroic and classy style of recitation. The aura of the Kavi Sammelan gets multiple times more wonderful when Kavi Shashikant Yadav stands before the mic. He carries elevated attitude in his voice pitch thereby making his poetry more impressive.  Kavi Shashikant Yadav gets prestigious opportunity to lead the Kavi Sammelan at Red Fort.

Being an eminent poet of Veer Ras, Kavi Shashikant Yadav boosts the love and trust of the countrymen towards the nation. Kavi Shashikant Yadav is a prominent face over the stages of Kavi Sammelan. His poetry is all about the love for motherland. Undoubtedly, he is a noted and leading voice of Veer-Ras poetry. The high spirits are being transformed into words and these words are being decorated in the form of poetry, when recited by Kavi Shashikant Yadav, wakes up the inner-sense of the audience, resulting into the firmness of feelings towards the country. Kavi Shashikant Yadav has an ocean-full of positive energy. His amazing confidence adds vibrance to the poetry, thereby the imprint lasts long in the hearts of the audience.

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