Kavi Vineet Chauhan

Kavi Sammelans are being highly appreciated these days. They are being organised in every part of the country. Kavi Sammelan are organised on different occasions to celebrate with more joy and zeal. Apart from festivals like Holi, Diwali, New Year, Basant Panchami and much more, Kavi Sammelans are organised at a very grand level on our national celebrations like Republic Day, Independence Day and other patriotic celebrations. Kavi Vineet Chauhan is very popular Kavi of Veer-Ras in our country. He sounds very jealous and vital on the stages of Kavi Sammelan. The dynamic character of Kavi Vineet Chauhan takes the spirit of the Kavi Sammelan to a great height. Kavi Vineet Chauhan is a zestful personality with sparkling thoughts delivered in the form of poetry.

Kavi Vineet Chauhan is the most popular and in-demand poet of Veer-Ras. He has always been appreciated for his capability in bringing warmth in the emotion of the audience through his patriotic performances. Kavi Vineet Chauhan is a well-established signature of Veer-Ras in our country. He has an extra ordinary capacity of vibrating the inner-sense of the audience by his flag waving and nationalist manner of delivering his poetry.

Carrying up the ‘Rajasthani Spirit’, Kavi Vineet Chauhan is a second name of boldness towards the nation. Feel his dynamism by organising a Kavi Sammelan on various occasions. Invite Kavi Vineet Chauhan to spread and boost the seeds of nationalism. Call us on +91-721-787-4767 to book Kavi Vineet Chauhan or you can also mail us on bookhasyakavi@gmail.com