Hasya Kavita and Hasya Kavi Sammelan activate the listeners and give more life to them. Hasya Kavi sammelans have a very positive and exciting aura that empowers the audience for a long time.  When we list the most popular and bold Hasya Kavi as well as a satirist, Kavi Sampat Saral clicks at once in our minds. Hasya Kavi Sampat Saral is a dynamic personality with triggering sense of humour. He initiates his poetry in an electrifying manner and gradually fires up the environment of Kavi Sammelan. Hasya Kavi Sampat Saral has a huge amount of potential energy inside him, he supplies that energy in the form of his hasya Kavita.

Kavi Sampat Saral comes from Rajasthan. People love to watch him in different TV serials. He writes in both the languages, Hindi and Rajasthani as well.  When it comes to the satirical aspect, he is being highly appreciated not only in India but a wide area on the globe listing USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal and many other countries. Kavi Sampat Saral is adding a new wing to the poetry.

Kavi Sampat Saral has an ocean of hasya absorbed in, he releases the same on different stages of Kavi Sammelans. Kavi Sampat Saral has an amazing quality of creating interest in his every single word. He fascinates the audience with his noteworthy Hindi Hasya Kavita. Invite one of the most popular kavi of our country, Kavi Sampat Saral to add up in your celebration. Call us on +91-721-787-4767 or mail us on bookhasyakavi@gmail.com