The literary atmosphere, the intellectual ambience, the cheering audience, the grand stage in front and all the prestigious kavi sitting there; what an outstanding aura of an influential Kavi Sammelan. Kavi Sammelans are being very frequently organized all over the country. The noted and leading poets of our country participate in the such grand gatherings of poets. Kavi Madan Mohan Samar is an absolute example of Nationalist. His obvious and clear poetry attains the high ranking on the stages of Kavi Sammelan. Kavi Madan Mohan Samar is an esteemed signature with a lionized manner of reciting his poetry. The enthusiastic voice of Kavi Madan Mohan Samar is high spirited. He represents a lively and zestful image of the countrymen.

Kavi Madan Mohan Samar carries a very bold attitude in his voice as well as poetry. The extreme form of Patriotism can be marked in the poetry of Kavi Madan Mohan Samar. His poetry boosts the firmness and trust of the audience towards the nation. The positiveness and wonderful confidence adds to the recitation of Kavi Madan Mohan Samar. He is not merely the poet of Veer Ras rather a whole personality that vibrates the inner consciousness of the countrymen.

He has a magnificent potential inside to hold the audience for hours. He can be considered to be an entire Kavi Sammelan in himself. Book Kavi Madan Mohan Samar for Kavi Sammelan in college fests and other major celebrations. Let us know your date and venue to organise the best Kavi Sammelan out there. Reach us on +91-721-787-4767 or bookhasyakavi@gmail.com