Gajendra Priyanshu

Kavi Sammelans sound to be very exciting these days. They come up with a new flavour of humour, laughter, love, beauty and patriotic feelings. They themselves are super lively, thereby making the audience excited about the environment as well. There is a grand list of hasya kavi in our country, readily available to treat you with their amazing sense of humour and laughter doses. Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu is one of them. He is one of the youngest hasya kavi of our country with a brand in his name.

Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu has an outstanding manner of recitation that will lead you the world enriched with laughter and hasya. Not only his manner of recitation is fascinating but also his punches are captivating. Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu is a fine and stable name in the world of hasya kavi sammelan. People use to invite Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu on various occasions and functions to organize a memorable hasya kavi sammelan. While listening to Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu, one major thing each one of us notices that Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu leaves a recognizing and incredible imprint on our hearts.
Hasya Kavi Sammelans are touching the new heights. They are not just a literary gathering nowadays rather they are being a source of rich knowledge added up by a fragrance of entertainment and humour. This is why people are tending to organize hasya kavi sammelans on different festivals, celebrations and social ceremonies. You too can be a part of this trend. Book your favourite haysa kavi now! Invite hasya kavi Gajendra Priyanshu at your place to organize a wonderful hasya kavi sammelan by making us a call on 721-787-4767 or mail us your details on . Have fun.